First Class Snacks

I have arrived.  For the first time in my life someone is paying me to make a  video for their booming internet company. I am being flown from San Francisco to LA first class. I feel like a total playboy.

Once in flight I was treated to a 21st Amendment “Live Free or Die IPA” and a box of upscale snacks.

From the left. Crispy duck with plum sauce and Asian noodles. Panna Cotta with candied walnut. Balsamic mushrooms. Not bad for a 45 minuet flight!

Below is a picture of something  they call “breakfast” on an 11 hour long international flight on United. Suck it United!

They call this food?


The Kitchen Sink Challenge, Sf Creamery, Walnut Creek CA.

The Kitchen Sink Challenge at SF Creamery in Walnut Creek.

Two years ago while working as a cupcake delivery driver, I received the opportunity of a lifetime. I was offered a job as a Production Assistant  on Man V. Food in San Francisco. This was the gig that started my career in television.

The massive pile of dairy you see before you is 8 scoops (almost 2lbs) of ice cream, 8 servings of toppings and 8 servings of whipped cream. Finish it in an hour and get free ice cream for a year. That’s kind of like giving free flights for a year to plane crash survivors.

On this episode man won… and then puked.

Oh yeah, they put me in the show too. I got to keep the costume.

My 15 minuets of fame on Man V Food.

Large soda at White Castle. Newport, Kentucky

While on the road with Man V. Food Nation our travels brought the crew and I to Newport, Kentucky. Feeling a bit thirsty we pulled up to a White Castle drive thru. My director Tony said “I would like your largest coke please.” To which the attendant replies,

“You sure? It’s pretty big.”

“Yes, I am thirsty.” Tony snapped.

“How big could it be?” I ask as we drive up to the window.

Our jaws dropped as the attendant dude handed us a bucket of coke. I have seen hot tubs smaller than this thing.

It took 6 hours and 5 bathroom stops to finish the boheimeth beverage. I hope he didn’t get diabetes.

Alright folks. Sorry for the delay. Here is a quick one.

My best friend Anthony Flynn is the founder of an amazing custom nutrition bar company called YouBars.

They just got featured in a national commercial for VistaPrint. Check it out and then go buy some bars!

See the commercial here.

Pork Belly, Smith Pub N' Grub, Seattle.

Surprise trip to Seattle, half a dozen skittles infused vodka shots and a fake mustache … Let the good times roll!

Get your evening started off right at Smith Pub n’ Grub. Make sure to read the daily quote about drinking written on a chalkboard outside. And you better be cool with taxidermy animals stuck to the wall.

Let your tattooed server direct you to a flavorful local beer. Ask what the specials are and hope that your friend will let you try a bite of his Smith Burger. That’s what I did and I ended up with an Olympia Beer and Pork Belly.

P.S. If you are lucky enough to be in Seattle when My buddy Macklemore is playing, go see him!

Prime Rib at The Dresden, Los Feliz.

I know you have all seen Swingers. You know the scene where they got to the bar with the cool old couple playing cover tunes? They are at The Dresden on Vermont in Los Feliz. Half lounge half resaturaunt, The Dresden is a true slice of Los Angeles history. My advice? Start at the restaurant, fill up on prime rib with all the fixin’s then pop over to the lounge, grab a whiskey and let Marty and Elayne take you though a musical trip down memory lane.

Bapu, burger, beer. Los Feliz Cafe.

This is my roommate Bapu. He has a funny name, he drinks a lot and he survives by eating junk food. We occasionally play golf at the Los Feliz Par Three Course. The loser buys lunch. Fortunately  you can get a decent bacon cheeseburger and a cheap beer at the Los Feliz Cafe, located just off the 9th green.

Bacon Cheeseburger, Los Feliz Cafe.

I realize I kind of phoned this one in. My apologies, it is so hot in my apartment that even typing takes too much energy.

The Texan Platter and a Chavela, Village Pub, Palm Springs.

December 15th, 2010. I am in Palm Springs, CA. Normally it’s between 85-110 degrees. Today it is 65 and raining. Vacation spoiled? Nope. I extend my leopard print umbrella borrowed from the Viceroy Hotel where I am staying and set out on foot to the Village Pub. I need calories and beer stat! Solution? Order the Texan Platter and a Chavela. First, the Texan Platter consists of: jalapeno poppers, hell hot wings, potato skins, zucchini sticks, calamari and egg rolls. Along with all the appropriate sauces. Next, the Chavela. Best way to describe this drink is a bloody mary, made with beer. In fact it is more simple. Cheap, light Mexican beer like Tecate, a splash of  tomato juice, a squeeze of lime and then rim the glass with salt.
Fill up on the Texan because you will need the energy to dance to the pub’s house cover band that plays 7 nights a week.
Get your snack on. Get your drink on. Get your dance on.

Kwak Beer at Wurstkuche, Downtown LA.

Downtown LA,  just east of Broadway on 3rd street lies Wurstküche, a German sausage and beer restaurant that offers mind blowing encased meats and authentic beer. Pictured here is is the Kwak Belgian Beer. It must be served in this bulbous glass with wooden scaffolding. It’s the only way. Try it with the Alligator and Pork Andouille Sausage. Prost!

Lobster Roll and Poutine at Lakeview Restaurant in Madawaska, Maine

Madawaska, Maine. Yep, you heard me right Madawaska, Maine. It is the most northeastern city in the United States. From my motel window I can see Canada. My cellphone doesn’t work because it thinks I am in Canada. We are shooting a scene at Lakeview Restaurant. The lovely older waitress does not allow me to have anything other than their specialty dish, Lobster Roll with Poutine. What is Poutine? It’s french fries, gravy and cheese. Three ingredients combined to keep you warm and hearty in the winter and slow the blood flow to your arteries. They also make a hot chocolate that I can only equate to a cup of pure heroin with whipped cream on top.

Hot Chocolate, Lakeview Restaurant. Madawaska, Maine.Lakeview Restaurant, Madawaska Maine.