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20131224-010613.jpgSpitz does one thing and they do it well, the doner kebob. (there are supposed to be two little dots over the O but I don’t know where that button is on my keyboard) What is it? It’s Turkish street food. Also known as Shawarma or Gyro depending on what country you are in. An awe inspiring tube of layered meat rotates around a fire crisping the edges to a crispy and salty perfection. The meat is shaved off with a straight razor type device and crammed into pita bread with veggies and sauce. I order mine crammed with french fries as well because, #yolo. They also have an excellent beer selection. Cheers.


Potatoes Au Gratin

Oysters And Burrata With Squash

I live on the east side of L.A. So for me a trip to the west side is equivalent to what the Donner Party experienced in 1846.

Occasionally I get suckered into making the epic adventure west of the 405 freeway. But I only oblige if there is good food or great company waiting for me there.

In this case there was both.

City Tavern is one of the many delicious, unpretentious gastropubs in Culver City. Friendly knowledgeable servers will guide you towards the perfect combination of food and drink.

Check out their menu here.

Leo Beer. Chiang Mai, Thailand

There is nothing better on a hot muggy day in Thailand than a Leo beer. Cheap, refreshing and full flavored, this beer will soothe the pain from that Muay Thai fight you just lost.

Here is a tip so you don’t sound like a tourist. Singha beer is pronounced “sing” the “ha” is silent.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog. Echo Park

2 A.M. You have been at Gold Room sucking back several of the $4 PBR and tequila specials. (more details  on Gold Room in a forthcoming post) You catch your friend’s band at Lot 1 across the street and then finish off the night by dancing your beer and tequila soaked ass off at the Short Stop.

After last call you stumble to the street, hungry for something substantial to soak up all the cheap booze you have been pounding .

Fortunately you are in Echo Park, the land of the bacon wrapped hot dog. You can find a sweet little Mexican lady grilling up these hefty bundles of heartburn on virtually every corner. A mere $3 will score you a bacon wrapped dog, grilled onion, jalapeño , ketchup, mustard and mayo.

Tums not included.

Pork Belly Tacos at Soul Gastropub in Charlotte, NC

I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical of Charlotte, NC when I found out we were shooting an episode of Man V. Food Nation there. I wondered what North Carolina had to offer other than BBQ. To be even more honest, I was expecting Charlotte to be a city full of toothless closed-minded hicks. That could not have been further from truth.

Charlotte has, friendly people, lots of live music and a surprisingly wide range of delicious dining options. They also have the best chicken wings I have ever had, but that’s another post.

Working on a food show has its perks. As soon as people find out who we are, they all want to point us in the direction of the best food. They did.

Above is the glazed pork belly and watermelon tacos from Soul Gastrolounge .

Kwak Beer at Wurstkuche, Downtown LA.

Downtown LA,  just east of Broadway on 3rd street lies Wurstküche, a German sausage and beer restaurant that offers mind blowing encased meats and authentic beer. Pictured here is is the Kwak Belgian Beer. It must be served in this bulbous glass with wooden scaffolding. It’s the only way. Try it with the Alligator and Pork Andouille Sausage. Prost!