Lobster Roll and Poutine at Lakeview Restaurant in Madawaska, Maine

Madawaska, Maine. Yep, you heard me right Madawaska, Maine. It is the most northeastern city in the United States. From my motel window I can see Canada. My cellphone doesn’t work because it thinks I am in Canada. We are shooting a scene at Lakeview Restaurant. The lovely older waitress does not allow me to have anything other than their specialty dish, Lobster Roll with Poutine. What is Poutine? It’s french fries, gravy and cheese. Three ingredients combined to keep you warm and hearty in the winter and slow the blood flow to your arteries. They also make a hot chocolate that I can only equate to a cup of pure heroin with whipped cream on top.

Hot Chocolate, Lakeview Restaurant. Madawaska, Maine.Lakeview Restaurant, Madawaska Maine.