I am a man. But I have a sensitive side. I sometimes cry at movies, I like chardonnay and I listen to Adele. But, I draw the line at tropical blended drinks! Well, I did until I met the Blended Mojito at the Cuisinart Resort in the British West Indian island of Anguilla. Jamal the quiet yet confident bartender had been blending them up all afternoon as I sit sipping my local Pyrat Rum and chuckling at the tourists ordering this foo foo bitch drink.
Somewhere, between rum # 5 and 6 Jamal dropped a small glass of excess mojito from his most recent batch in front of me and said in his cocky yet humble tone, “We grow the mint right there.” He gestures at the resorts massive greenhouse hydroponic garden. At this point it would be rude not to take a free drink from the master mixologist. So I obliged. The second it splashed my taste buds, I was hooked. Every dopamine receptor in my brain was firing full speed. It was as if this drink was scientificaly designed to quency thirst in such a humid tropical climate.
Moral of the story is. Trust your bartender.