The Texan Platter and a Chavela, Village Pub, Palm Springs.

December 15th, 2010. I am in Palm Springs, CA. Normally it’s between 85-110 degrees. Today it is 65 and raining. Vacation spoiled? Nope. I extend my leopard print umbrella borrowed from the Viceroy Hotel where I am staying and set out on foot to the Village Pub. I need calories and beer stat! Solution? Order the Texan Platter and a Chavela. First, the Texan Platter consists of: jalapeno poppers, hell hot wings, potato skins, zucchini sticks, calamari and egg rolls. Along with all the appropriate sauces. Next, the Chavela. Best way to describe this drink is a bloody mary, made with beer. In fact it is more simple. Cheap, light Mexican beer like Tecate, a splash of  tomato juice, a squeeze of lime and then rim the glass with salt.
Fill up on the Texan because you will need the energy to dance to the pub’s house cover band that plays 7 nights a week.
Get your snack on. Get your drink on. Get your dance on.