The Kitchen Sink Challenge, Sf Creamery, Walnut Creek CA.

The Kitchen Sink Challenge at SF Creamery in Walnut Creek.

Two years ago while working as a cupcake delivery driver, I received the opportunity of a lifetime. I was offered a job as a Production Assistant  on Man V. Food in San Francisco. This was the gig that started my career in television.

The massive pile of dairy you see before you is 8 scoops (almost 2lbs) of ice cream, 8 servings of toppings and 8 servings of whipped cream. Finish it in an hour and get free ice cream for a year. That’s kind of like giving free flights for a year to plane crash survivors.

On this episode man won… and then puked.

Oh yeah, they put me in the show too. I got to keep the costume.

My 15 minuets of fame on Man V Food.