Organic Chicken Brest With Fresh Veggies

I know pretty much all of my posts so far have been about all my favorite junk food from my life experiences and travels. Well, it is has finally caught up to me. Now in my late twenties my metabolism has said,“Fuck you dude, I’m slowing down and you’re getting a belly.” Alright metabolism, touché. You want to play like that? Then I guess I will just have to go on a diet . Sigh.

Simply, diets suck. I am doing the Paleo Diet which means no carbs, dairy or grains. Pretty much everything I love has been cut out of my routine. I didn’t realize how depressing life is without cheese until now.

This diet has forced me to cook for myself more than usual and I am finding that to be very enjoyable. Pictured above is organic chicken breast with bell peppers, cilantro and broccoli.

So far I’m 4 days in and have dropped 5 lbs. Booyah metabolism!