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Leo Beer. Chiang Mai, Thailand

There is nothing better on a hot muggy day in Thailand than a Leo beer. Cheap, refreshing and full flavored, this beer will soothe the pain from that Muay Thai fight you just lost.

Here is a tip so you don’t sound like a tourist. Singha beer is pronounced “sing” the “ha” is silent.


Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog. Echo Park

2 A.M. You have been at Gold Room sucking back several of the $4 PBR and tequila specials. (more details  on Gold Room in a forthcoming post) You catch your friend’s band at Lot 1 across the street and then finish off the night by dancing your beer and tequila soaked ass off at the Short Stop.

After last call you stumble to the street, hungry for something substantial to soak up all the cheap booze you have been pounding .

Fortunately you are in Echo Park, the land of the bacon wrapped hot dog. You can find a sweet little Mexican lady grilling up these hefty bundles of heartburn on virtually every corner. A mere $3 will score you a bacon wrapped dog, grilled onion, jalapeño , ketchup, mustard and mayo.

Tums not included.

The Best Fish Taco Ever. El Tesoro, SF

When it comes to Mexican food, there is a simple rule to follow. The sketchier an establishment looks, the better the food is.

This couldn’t be more true for El Tesoro Taqueria and Grill.  This tiny little grill is located inside a liquor store on Geary in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.  You can get a 40 of old English, tacos, crack and a lotto ticket all in one stop.

What makes it so delicious? Home made tortillas, fresh, spicy salsa, cheap tilapia and a sprinkle of dirty Tenderloin crack head energy.

My advice. Go to Hemlock Tavern on Polk. Enjoy the happy hour ($5 for a PBR and Shot of Jameson) then stumble down to El Tesoro for a fish taco that will blow your freakin’ mind!

Pork Belly Tacos at Soul Gastropub in Charlotte, NC

I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical of Charlotte, NC when I found out we were shooting an episode of Man V. Food Nation there. I wondered what North Carolina had to offer other than BBQ. To be even more honest, I was expecting Charlotte to be a city full of toothless closed-minded hicks. That could not have been further from truth.

Charlotte has, friendly people, lots of live music and a surprisingly wide range of delicious dining options. They also have the best chicken wings I have ever had, but that’s another post.

Working on a food show has its perks. As soon as people find out who we are, they all want to point us in the direction of the best food. They did.

Above is the glazed pork belly and watermelon tacos from Soul Gastrolounge .

Steak Face

There is a tradition that cannot be broken. When in Palm Springs, eat at Arnold Palmers. The restaurant’s namesake not only knows how to perfectly blend ice tea and lemonade, but he is a pretty good golfer too.

Arrive early and hit the putting green out back. Grab a glass of wine and order the lobster mac n’ cheese. Lobsters live their entire lives hoping to some day be a part of this  mac n’ cheese.

Arnold Palmers is a steak house. Get the bone in rib eye, thank me later.

Bone In Ribeye

Best mac n' cheese ever

Chocolate Cock Macaroon

There is a place in the Castro District of San Francisco called Hot Cookie. The Man V. Food crew was kind enough to buy me desert from this unique bakery.

I would like to share an excerpt  from a recent yelp review.  “I like phallic cookies. The balls were the best part.”

Large soda at White Castle. Newport, Kentucky

While on the road with Man V. Food Nation our travels brought the crew and I to Newport, Kentucky. Feeling a bit thirsty we pulled up to a White Castle drive thru. My director Tony said “I would like your largest coke please.” To which the attendant replies,

“You sure? It’s pretty big.”

“Yes, I am thirsty.” Tony snapped.

“How big could it be?” I ask as we drive up to the window.

Our jaws dropped as the attendant dude handed us a bucket of coke. I have seen hot tubs smaller than this thing.

It took 6 hours and 5 bathroom stops to finish the boheimeth beverage. I hope he didn’t get diabetes.

Pork Belly, Smith Pub N' Grub, Seattle.

Surprise trip to Seattle, half a dozen skittles infused vodka shots and a fake mustache … Let the good times roll!

Get your evening started off right at Smith Pub n’ Grub. Make sure to read the daily quote about drinking written on a chalkboard outside. And you better be cool with taxidermy animals stuck to the wall.

Let your tattooed server direct you to a flavorful local beer. Ask what the specials are and hope that your friend will let you try a bite of his Smith Burger. That’s what I did and I ended up with an Olympia Beer and Pork Belly.

P.S. If you are lucky enough to be in Seattle when My buddy Macklemore is playing, go see him!

Prime Rib at The Dresden, Los Feliz.

I know you have all seen Swingers. You know the scene where they got to the bar with the cool old couple playing cover tunes? They are at The Dresden on Vermont in Los Feliz. Half lounge half resaturaunt, The Dresden is a true slice of Los Angeles history. My advice? Start at the restaurant, fill up on prime rib with all the fixin’s then pop over to the lounge, grab a whiskey and let Marty and Elayne take you though a musical trip down memory lane.

Bapu, burger, beer. Los Feliz Cafe.

This is my roommate Bapu. He has a funny name, he drinks a lot and he survives by eating junk food. We occasionally play golf at the Los Feliz Par Three Course. The loser buys lunch. Fortunately  you can get a decent bacon cheeseburger and a cheap beer at the Los Feliz Cafe, located just off the 9th green.

Bacon Cheeseburger, Los Feliz Cafe.

I realize I kind of phoned this one in. My apologies, it is so hot in my apartment that even typing takes too much energy.