How not to cut an avocado.

I am typing this post with one hand. Why? Because a few nights ago I tried to add a little flavor to a bland veggie burger.

I recently purchased a big boy knife set from Wusthof. It turns out high end chef’s knives are sharp. Believe it or not, I know how to use a knife. However, in my attempt to slice an avocado in half I bounced my brand new, ultra sharp paring knife off of the pit and deep into my index finger. It was a clean cut. I look forward to filleting steak with this knife some day.

“Fuck.” I state with relitive calm.

I drop the avocado and it rolls into the living room. I manage to place the knife carefully on the counter and rush my bleeding hand to the sink. The blood makes a beautiful pattern on my black and white kitchen tile.

“This would make a really cool visual in a murder film.” I briefly think to myself as shock settles in.

“Oh boy, who is sober enough to drive to the ER?” Not a peep from Bapu. Fortunately my buddy Brayton volunteers and we all pile into the Yaris for a trip up to Verdugo Hills Hospital (there are closer hospitals, but I’m spoiled).

It turns out I am the second avocado related laceration for the ER that night. Now I don’t feel special at all.

14 stitchs later and no pain meds, I am writing this post from the couch. I wish there was a moral to this tale, but the only thing I can think of is: be careful with knives.

I’ll be back with more food related posts soon. I’m typing a little slower than usual.

Anybody else craving guacamole? Hmmmm, maybe I’ll make some for lunch.