Todd English Pub, The Aria Casino and Resort, Las Vegas.

Vegas, lunchtime. Which means it’s probably about 3pm or so. Your head hurts from the combination of house music and overpriced colorful shots with sexy names that you consumed last night.  You are classy, you have good taste. Thats why you are staying at the Aria Casino in City Center. No greasy-ass buffet for you this afternoon. You go to Todd English Pub.

Whats there? A lot of good things. First off, great staff. My waiter was tatted out and very knowledgeable about beer. I trust this guy. He suggests the Brown Butter Lobster Rolls ($24).  He is right. He also brought an assortment of house made flavored popcorn to accompany the several beers I downed.

At night this place becomes a full fledged bar. Can you drink beer quickly? Try to “Beat the Glass.”  It’s simple. Order the beer of your choice. When the bartender flips the hourglass and says go, you have  7 seconds to finish your beer. Do it before the sand runs out and it’s free.